"My name is Stefan Hafner. I am a registered practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, practicing in Woy Woy and Sydney.


I personally use' Mama Said' products and recommend them to my patients because of their efficacy and purity.

Megan Green, the creator of Mama Said, has a deep understanding of the medicinal effects of the various base oils and essential oils that are used in her skin care range.

Time and time again I have seen significant improvements in patient's skin problems, ranging from acne to more serious conditions.

Megan understands, that once applied to the skin, substances are absorbed and enter the lymphatic system and the bloodstream and interact with the body. Therefore, it is paramount to use skin products such as Mama Said that only consists of pure oils without artificial emulsifiers, fragrances or preservatives.

I will continue to use Mama Said products not only as cosmetics but as an extension of my herbal dispensary."

Kind Regards,

Stefan Hafner