Moon Water - A Scent for Self and Space - 250ml

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Moon Water - A Scent for Self and Space 💜

I made myself some of this last summer. I wanted something fresh and slightly moisturising for my very dry arms and legs that wasn't greasy or heavy and I loved it. So did my friends who tried it out and have been hassling me to make more 😊

This batch was finished off under last night's funky moon 🌒 what a doozy 🙌

It contains Eclipse water, intention, organic floral water, femme florals, grounding patchouli and a dash of Agua Florida to seal in all those celestial seasonings.

Spray it on yourself, around your spaces or on your fresh laundry to freshen and clear stagnant or negative energy ✨

A Scent for Self and Space 💜 hits all your senses 🌸 

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