Granny Squares - Nail Recovery Cloths

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Rescue and rejuvenate your fingernails naturally! 100%

These little swatches of cotton flannelette are impregnated with everything fingernails crave!

Jam-packed full of vulnerary herbs that are high in mineral content to nourish and condition the nail-bed, cuticles and surrounding skin 💗🌱 particularly good after artificial nail removal and great support for those who are going through chemo/radiation treatments.

I've done this side of things, it's up to you to apply the rest of the magic 💗

Set yourself aside some time (stop frowning) and massage each finger from the 1st knuckle to the tip of your finger and underneath the nail edge.

If your nails are damaged from artificial nails, clip the growth off for a few weeks while they're recovering 🌸

** THE MATRIX; (where nail growth starts -located in the area under the first knuckle and just above the cuticle) an important place to massage and in doing so, you are stimulating, healing, feeding and promoting healthy growth from a healthy nail bed.

Enjoy, with love xxx

* For external use only. Should irritation occur, discontinue use.

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