A Kiss Goodbye Herbal Tea - 30gr - with infuser

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 A Kiss Goodbye Herbal Tea -

A Kiss Goodbye is a blend of time-honored herbs called on throughout the Ages for their support during times of melancholy.

Hawthorn and Rose, soothe the heart

Dandelion Root and Rose get things moving where stagnant energies lay.

A cathartic blend for those ready to release the left-overs of resentment, anger and grief after the loss of any relationship... The bits buried.

Anger is a part of the grief cycle. A NORMAL emotion often shamed as "uncool", so we bury it. It's always there though.

If the blend is sipped and burned over 3 days with the intention of releasing negative energy stored, it will shift.

It will bring things up. It will make you sit with it, look at it, thank it and let it go, if that's truly what you're ready for.

Contains - Hawthorn Flowers and Leaves, Red Rosebuds, Dandelion Root.

Serving suggestion: Add blend to infuser provided per cup of boiling water and brew covered for 3-5mins. Best done ritualistically and over 3 days. xxx

** All herbs are packed freshly to order in biodegradable pouches with individual apothecary style labels stating instruction.
We do encourage you to research the benefits of each herb we sell as we can make no claims of the efficacy of herbal products.

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